Brace yourself! It’s a rational……………..flexible…………….and healthier way of thinking.

The best diet is your healthy thinking and carefully executed self-interest.

There are thousands of articles out there advising us how to lose weight over night or in a short period of time, however the key is to start thinking differently about your eating patterns and your lifestyle on a whole.

Diets versus beliefs

I often see clients who are driven by a great desire to lose weight and they try many different “guaranteed” methods. Each time they don’t achieve what they wanted for a longer period of time they feel even worse as they reinforce their unhealthy demand “I should lose weight easily. It shouldn’t be so difficult. It is awful that I have to work so hard to lose a few pounds.” These demands and awfulizing beliefs perpetuate ongoing levels of anxiety and diminish client’s motivation to stick with their healthy lifestyle.

Counting calories may work for some, but often my clients are fed up with overthinking what and when they consumed. They just want to eat ‘normally’, but many often forget the impact of stress and alcohol consumption on their weight and general wellbeing.

Realistic and achievable goals

Looking at typical stressors and a general lifestyle as well as setting up realistic goals is the first task in the therapy. REBT can help to address any anxiety or depression which often sabotage clients’ efforts to feel and look well. Hypnotherapy can offer more subconscious outlook on our beliefs around consumption and visualisation can assist with modelling more healthy behaviours around food, alcohol, and exercise. I often recommend a combination of both therapies as both can offer slightly different angle and perspective as well as practical tools for the clients to explore and implement on daily basis.

Let’s stop the vicious cycle of binging sustainably

If you know anyone who have tried almost anything in terms of their diet, however their efforts were short lived or unsustainable, then please send them into my direction. I would be very happy to help them get out of the vicious cycle of dieting and starting again.

Are you ready to change your direction? Or would you like more information about the subject of healthy eating, then I would love to hear from you.

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